We are focused on the horticulture business. We support our clients beginning with business advice prior to the investment, through the  project investment phase, until the specific project is finished. Horti Consult has the experts knowing horticulture inside out. Horticultural companies looking for a solution to their problems are served by the variety of expertise available. Consultations are always customized, adjusted to the individual needs of each company. The possibilities and specific wishes are carefully analyzed against the technical and economic developments.

We help in completing the projects, starting with the feasibility studies / business plans. All discussions with our clients will ultimately result in a well-considered and complete plan. Subsequently the project will be divided up into units and for each unit we will be able to make an project description. Finally we support our clients in financing. The last stage is to observe the project completion and satisfaction of our clients.

We have experience in start-ups but our strategy is also to help existing organizations in structural changes of their business activity or increasing their business. We help our client in all areas where we can improve efficiency, speed up the project or reduce a risk.

We support companies in obtaining of financing in cooperation with biggest international banks worldwide. We cooperate with banks using the specific government programs designed to support Polish exporters.

Depending on the type of each project and the goal we can act as advisor in the area of project financing, expert in horticulture  production or as a leader of specific project.